Musings on New Musics

A brief thought on the future as we hurtle toward it: The last month in Portland, Oregon, my hometown has opted to join the rest of the world in the 20th Century. Friend, compatriot and fellow CalArts alum Steve Bilow writes about it on his blog Almost Rational. I agree with him on all counts. 

Now I wonder, if this is the stuff that paved the way for the last half century - what is paving the way for the next century? By this time 100 years ago Schoenberg had just begun composing Pierrot Lunaire (according to Wikipedia, he began composing March 12, 1912 and finished the following July) and already had finished Erwartung, though the latter wasn’t premiered for another 15 years. 

I wonder, what are the works that point to the future of music now? What are the trends or movements in art that history will identify as ‘indicative of that age’? 

I don’t know if these are questions worth answering, much less asking…but since we have the benefit of knowing history, it is curious to turn a historical glance to the present and ponder…